Prized throughout history

Olive oil production in the Marche region has been abundant since Roman times, and monasteries continued to harvest the precious fruit even after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Historical documents record the superiority of this region’s oil due to its exceptional aroma and flavour. Today, extra virgin olive oil, along with wine, is one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, appreciated for its nutritional value and its taste.

There are a few hundred olive trees on the Moresco estate, some of which are centuries old, marking out the borders of the various portions of land and pruned into the “vase” shape typical of this area. The olive groves overlook the sea and benefit from the typical microclimate of the coastal strip. They are made up of typical regional varieties, blended to obtain exceptionally aromatic and balanced oils.


Harvesting takes place as soon as each variety reaches its ideal degree of ripeness. It is carried out manually using aids that help to limit drupe crushing and favour ventilation. The olives are processed immediately after harvesting to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the resulting extra virgin olive oil.