Tenuta Manoylo was established in 2014 by Manoylo family who found the perfect place to make their dream come true amidst the hills surrounding the picturesque medieval village of Moresco. Here, between the mountains and the sea, the 24 ha of the vineyard cultivates a number of historical local grape varieties such as pecorino, passerina, montepulciano, sangiovese as well as great Bordeaux triad: cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot.

The Project

The ethos behind the decision to set up their own project in this area was based on the search for a new way of experiencing time. Slower, calmer, more focused on what is relevant, connected to what matters the most. Every bottle produced here is the result of time being reconquered.

Sustainability, innovation, tradition and research are the key words through which Tenuta Manoylo brings its concept of absolute quality to the glass. By taking back possession of the right time, Tenuta Manoylo has succeeded in creating its Passo del Borgo wine and extra virgin olive oil ranges.

Tenuta Manoylo began life as a wine estate Its first line of wines is called Passo del Borgo, paying tribute to the village of Moresco where the estate is located and its gentle pace of life. Its wines were soon followed by its prized and aromatic extra virgin olive oil, made from the 500 olive trees dotted around the estate.

Eexperience the estate

Tenuta Manoylo opens its doors to the public so you can discover the winery for yourself Food and wine experiences and tastings will accompany you through your journey via the unique Marche region. Share a taste for rediscovered time with us.